Miscellaneous stuff

Qt Creator 1.2.1 port

This port is taken from area51 svn (http://area51.pcbsd.org/trunk/area51/devel/qtcreator/) and modified to Qt Creator version 1.2.1.

1 patch added by me to remove "-w" flag from make command (GNU-ism), other patches are taken from area51 svn repo + 1 patch to fix debugging. Download files from here or download bzipped archive qtcreator.tar.bz2

Simple patch for smplayer 0.6.8 06.09.2009

Here's a simple patch to smplayer playlist automatic file add functionality. Although it's not perfect it works better this way for me. View/download the patch from here patch-src-helper.cpp

Patch to enable login classes in nss_ldapd 0.7.3 06.08.2010

This patch makes login classes available in nss_ldapd. Very much inspired by similar patch in nss_ldap port. You can download files Makefile.diff and patch-login-class and try it out. It reads loginClass attribute as users login class in corresponding ldap entry.